Future Founders Internship Program

Michigan’s tech startup and venture capital ecosystems continue to grow at a rapid pace but the talent within this community is often disproportionate to the diversity found across the state. About 40% of Michigan’s population identifies a racial or ethnic minority and half of the population is women. But according to a recent Michigan Venture Capital Association report, of the $2.8 billion invested into Michigan startups last year, only 15% of Michigan venture-backed startups were led by a person of color, 12% were led by women.

Through the collective action and collaboration of leaders in tech, startups, and education, we have developed a DEI-focused internship program that will both provide underrepresented college students the opportunity to gain exposure to tech entrepreneurship and equip them to pursue careers in the industry, and allow tech companies an opportunity for developing or strengthening their DEI efforts and reaching new talent. Learn more about last year’s program here, formerly called the Ann Arbor Entrepreneurs Fund DE&I Internship. Read below to learn about 2022 participating companies, sponsors, and collaborators.

DEI Definitions

Program Sponsors

Program Collaborators