New Students + Tech Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Internship Program

As a network of builders, changemakers and investors, we ask: how can we take actions to create opportunities and long-term solutions for underrepresented individuals and communities to achieve equity in our entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Through consensus and collaboration between industry, education and community organizations, a new Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Internship Program is being developed to help students see themselves within this environment and equip them with the experience and tools they need to succeed.


1. Provide an opportunity for underrepresented students in the region to gain exposure to tech entrepreneurship and professional experiences that will help equip them to pursue careers in the industry

2. Allow tech companies an opportunity for developing or strengthening their DEI efforts and help them reach new talent

If you are interested in participating in this program by hosting interns at your company, serving as a mentor or through a donation, contact us